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BUCS AGM for 2014-15 will take place on Thursday 4th December at University of Birmingham in conjunction with the BUCS Christmas Seminar.




BUCS AGM 2013-14 & BUCS Officer Elections 2014 took place during BUCS Annual Conference at Swansea University from 8th-11th July 2014.

For details of the AGM and the Officer elections, please use the link on the left hand side.

For details on how members may submit an agenda item to AGM, please click here

If you have any queries regarding finance & governance relating to AGM you can contact Tim Nicholls (BUCS Head of Corporate Services).  He can be contacted via email or telephone 07979 918203.


Voting representatives
Members are reminded that as per Article 4 of the BUCS Articles of Association they are entitled to send two voting representatives to the AGM - one student and one member of staff.
These are the representatives named each year in conjunction with payment of your subscription (usually August/September).

Proxy voting, where one institution casts votes on another’s behalf, is not permitted.

Please note voting will be done using the 'First Past The Post' system, where the candidate(s) with the most votes are elected.

Any abstentions from voting (either for the election or during AGM) will not be counted. An abstention indicates neither yes or no.

For details of previous years' AGMs & BUCS Elections please use the links on the left side.

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