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International Sport

ENAS Logo 2013ENAS is the European Network of Academic Sports Services. The Network aims to foster the development of “sport for all” in Higher Education

The purpose of ENAS is :

• to develop communication between Academic Sport Services
• to exchange ideas and experiences of different countries in the field of recreation, health, culture and physical education
• to encourage the mobility of professionals (people involved in sport services) and students
• to promote recognition of the Academic Sport Services in Europe
Every year ENAS organises a conference, which non-members can also take part in. ENAS membership is open to any higher education Sport Service in Europe upon payment of a 250 Euro annual membership fee.

During the annual conference ENAS members and participants will work with experts from all over Europe in areas including :

• structure and organization of Academic Sport Services and national University Sport Federations (analysis, research, development)
• topics referring to developments at academic institutions and Academic Sports Services in Europe
• evaluation and research on Academic Sports Services
• brand management
• finances of Academic Sports Services
• sport facilities (concepts, finances, developments)
• University Sports and politics
• cultural aspects of University Sports
• management methods and several other topics based on the desires and needs of Academic Sport Services

The 2013 ENAS Conference will be held in Limerick, Ireland. To register for the Conference and for further information please click here

The UK contact for ENAS is Bill Thompson, ENAS Vice President & Head of Sport and Leisure, City University London

For further information on ENAS visit

Download a brochure overview of ENAS here


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