University of Nottingham
Men's Squash 2nd Team
Updated: 23/04/2014 22:19 P W D L GDPts
1 Birmingham 2nd 10 10 - 0 38 187
2 Birmingham 3rd 10 7 - 3 12 135
3 Warwick 1st 10 7 - 3 5 133
4 Oxford 1st 10 2 - 8 -6 93
5 Lincoln 1st 10 4 - 6 -13 70
6 Nottingham 2nd 10 0 - 10 -36 32
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League Notes

League Notes

Promotion & Relegation

All fixtures must be completed by 5th February 2014 (results to be submitted by 10am 6th February). Bottom two teams relegated. 4th placed team may also be relegated if any team relegated from Premier league into 1A without a team being promoted out of 1A. Top team (or highest placed 1st team) to Championship. Second placed team (or second highest 1st team) to progress to Championship if are one of the three next best 3 performing teams across all tier 1 leagues. All other teams to Trophy, played on completion of leagues. In the last 16 of the Championship, the highest placed 1st team will play one of the Premier League teams finishing in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th. Winner to Premier League next season. (Tier 1 runners up cannot gain promotion). The BUCS Office reserves the right to amend knockout qualification and promotion / relegation details in exceptional circumstances.
Detailed Table Adjustment made
    1st Place BUCS Squash 2012-2013 Midlands Conference Cup View
    1st Place BUCS Squash 2012-2013 Midlands 2A View
  Round 2 BUCS Squash 2011-2012 Trophy View
  5th Place BUCS Squash 2011-2012 Midlands 1A View
    Finished 1st Men's 2B 2010/11 Midlands Conference View
  Finished 5th Men's 1A 2009/10 Midlands Conference View
    Finished 1st Men's 2A 2008/09 Midlands Conference View
    Finished 3rd Men's 2A 2007/08 Midlands Conference View
    Finished 3rd Men's 2A 2006/07 Midlands Conference View
    Finished 3rd Men's 2A 2005/06 Midlands Conference View
    Finished 3rd Men's 2A 2004/05 Midlands Conference View
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